The opening ceremony, plenary meetings, and parallel forums will be held, with topics covering cutting-edge science and technology, to discuss new paths for international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation.
Focusing on the world's cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, launches the provincial and city exhibition area, and takes the exhibition area of cutting-edge technology and future industries as the core.
We will hold the Global Technology Trading Eco-Partner Conference, carry out three major brand activities, including technology transfer docking in key countries, technology transfer cooperation among world-renowned scientific and technological universities, and the launch of new technologies and new products.
Select and publish a number of major scientific and technological innovation policies, science and technology innovation index reports and scientific and technological achievements, and combine video release, special event release and regular release.
The 6th Zhongguancun International Advanced Technology Innovation Competition (2022-2023) focusing on 15 fields such as AI, biomedicine, VR and metauniverse, attracting more than 2,500 projects from domestic and overseas, and international projects among all is about 30% in total.
Important forum activities, special enterprise events, S&T culture events and field visits will be organized with the theme on cutting-edge technology, industrial innovation, technology inance, and S&T culture.

Panoramic, three-dimensional and multi-angle display of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements

Displaying cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements in a panoramic, three-dimensional and multi-angle manner is an effective way to expand the influence of the ZGC Forum, providing opportunities for the industrial circle to explore and develop disruptive technologies. In the exhibition section, Chinese and foreign enterprises display their latest achievements and commodities. In the technology fair section, more than 100 new technologies, new products and new materials are gathered. In the frontier competition section, excellent entrepreneurial teams and start-ups with international advanced and cutting-edge technologies are selected from all over the world. At the same time, the ZGC Forum integrates the "hosting of meetings through science and technology" into the whole process and scene, and the application of new technologies, new products, new materials and the concept of "hosting of meetings through science and technology" are everywhere.

Market-oriented operation, regular meetings and year-round and all-round services

The session of the ZGC Forum mainly consists of six sections: forum meeting, technology fair, exhibition, results release, frontier competition and supporting activities, which closely focus on the development trend of science and technology, national strategy and capital development planning activities. Since 2021, on the sideline of the session, the ZGC Forum has been holding year-round regular series of activities, and hosting meetings and technology fairs both online and offline, at home and abroad in a combined centralized and de-centralized way to ensure monthly activities and seasonal highlights and extend the forum to cover "three cities and one zone", 16 parks, and Beijing sub-center, creating a regular and active atmosphere of multi-area linkage.

Build a national platform facilitating global exchanges and cooperation on high-tech innovation

The ZGC Forum, founded in 2007, has become an influential global, comprehensive and open high-end event on high-tech innovation by grasping the trends of cutting-edge technology and future industrial development, discussing global innovation rules and innovation governance, and promoting the share of global innovation ideas and development ideas among countries. In 2021, the ZGC Forum was upgraded to a national platform for global exchanges and cooperation on high-tech innovation. It is particularly timely and also natural.

Embrace a global vision, grasp the trend of the times, and respond to the latest demands

The ZGC Forum has always grasped the trend of the times and paid close attention to the hot issues and development direction in the fields of global high-tech industry development and innovation and entrepreneurship. Experts and scholars in the field of high-tech innovation and senior managers of science and technology enterprises from all over the world have conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with each other on issues related to the complementarity of international high-tech innovation advantages and resources and the development of strategic emerging industries, so as to strengthen cooperation in R&D and innovation, academic exchanges, venture capital investment and transformation of technological achievements.

Gather the most intelligent minds in the world and lead the development direction of science and technology

The guests of ZGC Forum include celebrities from academia, business and politics. The world's top scientists, representatives of well-known scientific research and academic institutions, heads of international organizations, renowned entrepreneurs and investors, including several Nobel Prize, Turing Award and Fields Medal winners, have attended and delivered speeches at previous main forums, providing insights for global high-tech innovation and the development of science and technology industry.

Outstanding Technical Products
Releases of Important Achievements
Releases of Important Achievements
As we all know, up to now, our knowledge of human biology only accounts for less than 1% of the total, and probably only a small part of the 1%. Imagine that this insignificant point has brought a lot of health and economic benefits to human beings. Assuming that the remaining 99% can be mastered, how much possibility will it bring?
Roger D. Kornberg
Laureate of 2006 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Cyber security is Human security. The most important point is to stop the antagonism between international cooperation.
Whitfield ‘Whit’ Diffie
2015 A.M. Turing Award Laureates
Public key cryptographys revolutionized the world and has allowed E commerce including the production of non fungible tokens. And so in a sense, a very real sense, this is the mother of all NFTs.
Martin Edward Hellman
2015 A.M. Turing Award Laureates
In the process of moving towards intelligent manufacturing, we should pay special attention to the collaborative ability of leading enterprises' industrial chains, support them to take the lead in exploring and breaking through, and popularize successful experiences and models in the industry.
Lei Jun
Founder, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Corporation
Smart Technology Partners